Monday, May 31, 2010

Shearing Day

May 17 was shearing day at Tiskilwa Farms. By the end of the day we had sheared over 110 animals and 1000 pounds of fleece. The entire crew was tired as we put away the tools. The animals are (generally) happy to have the fleece taken off so they can be cool for summer. The studs, who can be difficult for other handling, come in and almost lay themselves down for their haircut, while the younger crias scream and whine and pee all over the mat. We love to check the fleece quality of the various animals as they are shorn. We did have a few surprises of animals who are much better than we thought - watch for those in the fall show string.

Spring 2010 shows

Well it has been a while since I've posted - we've attended the following shows since Spring Bling:
Indiana Alpaca Invitational
TFA Magellan - 1st Halter in White Juvenile Males (a son of our Peruvian Highlander)
Tiskilwa Tomahawk - 2nd Halter in a class of 9

Great Midwest Alpaca Festival
TFA Prarie Fire - Champion Fleece
Accoyo Galactica - Reserve Champion Fleece

Interstate 80 Alpacafest
TFA Cahokia - Reserve Champion / 1st Halter
TFA Chief Joseph - 2nd Halter
Accoyo Galactica - 1st Halter

AOBA National Show
Accoyo Galactica - Second Halter in a very competitive class. This doesn't match her championship at nationals last year, but we love this girl!! She is now being bred to Accoyo Principe Dorato - we can't wait to see that cria!!!!!
Accoyo Kama Sutra - 7th in a class of 15 - yes the judge left her there for seventh (when placing usually only goes to 6) and no we have never heard of a judge doing something like that, especially at the national show! She was a new purchase for us at the AOBA auction and we think she is better than 7th - watch for her in the fall shows.