Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Newest Stud - Irish Meadows Peruvian Knight Rider

We needed a black stud to fill the gap in our breeding program given the quality black females we have been acquiring. At the AOBA National Show in May we reviewed many of the top black males and confirmed our previous analysis that Knight Rider was really what we needed for our girls. We are excited to add him to "The Chiefs of Tiskilwa" and to be partners with the outstanding program which Irish Meadows has achieved. The fact that the Delaney's are just an hour from our farm certainly added some flexibility to our ability to use him for our girls and those of our customers. We expect Chad will be making many day trips to Iowa to satisfy the demand for breedings that we expect Knight Rider will command. We spent our annual farm chores week creating a special residence for him at our farm where he will Criate with our girls. He is within site of our other boys, and they are not real happy to see him.

The Chiefs of Tiskilwa starting line up now has the following positions:
Black - Peruvian Knight Rider
White - Peruvian Highlander
Brown - Peruvian Natural High
Brown - MFI Performer
Brown - TFA Red Cloud (Yes, we like brown!)
Grey - Peruvian Maddock
Fawn - Peruvian Argo Navis

We've got a promising bench ready to fill in soon, including our Peruvian Goldleaf, Peruvian Gresham, Komodo Dragon, Cahokia, Magellan..... all of whom have been blue ribbon winners.

Ah.... the joys of alpaca farming.