Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring Shows 2012

Show season is almost upon us.  We will start the year at the Spring Bling Alpacafest in Appleton, WI on March 17th.  We love this show, which is held in an ice skating rink.  We will debut a whole new show sting with several Knight Rider kids, some Highlander kids, some Quest kids, and of course Winter Solstice - our newest purchase.

We then have a bit of a break until the Minnesota Alpaca Show in Owatanna MN on 4/15.  Hmmm 4/15... I don't think we'll have the accountant handlers at that show, so we'll add a few more alpacas to assure that those who do get to attend the show have to work just a bit harder.

We'll have at least some of the string at the Futurity show 4/21... but since it's right after tax season, some of us may sneak off to go sailing in the Caribean instead???????

Next will be the Great Midwest Alpaca Fest in Madison WI on 4/28.  We've attended this show for many many years and have finally worked our way up to the main floor stalling.  This show will also have our favorite Austrailian Judge.... well, favorite who still lives there full time (hear that Jude??)... Mr. Peter Kennedy.  I can't wait for him to evaluate the Knight Rider kids.  His farm in Victoria AU focuses exclusively on BLACK alpacas.

Then comes the BEST SHOW OF THE YEAR - the Interstate 80 Alpacafest in Princeton, IL.  It's a fun, relaxed show, but last year 3 animals who won championships at this great little show also went on to win Championships at the National Show in Denver just a few weeks later.  Oh... did I mention that this show is organized by Tiskilwa Farms and Apple Tree Acres?  Sponsorships are still open... so, as we say in Chicago... register early and register often!!!

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